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24 11 2010

So, a bunch of stuff. The beginning of the end – of the Harry Potter film series, that is – is out, and for all those who didn’t see it on the first day it came out, shame on you. Apple’s got a new MacBook model, nothing new; Kyle Massey from Cory in the House is now on Dancing with the Stars…what??? What else…modern music is starting to suck, worst song yet being Like a G6; and finally, the most important thing to share (besides the HP7 thing), the total amount of types of Pokémon has reached a grand total of…649. Just when you thought 151 wasn’t enough. On average, that means that more than 50 new Pokémon have come out each year since ’96. Screw this topic.
Once more, the Daily Dose of Something Random…

Because, although there were ways of obtaining their music previously, all works of The Beatles have now been released on iTunes!!! The first good decision Apple has made in years…kind of disappointing it took this long, though. Ah, well. Have a great Thanksgiving, Americans!

Happy Thanksgiving!


WE DID IT!!! …So what now?

4 08 2010

IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!  I am overjoyed to announce that Invader ZIM is now permanently playing on Nicktoons Network!!!!!!!!! So, no more angry letters to Nickelodeon, no more complaining to random people on the street how hard it is to find Invader ZIM DVD’s, no more planning to “accidentally” break your vials which contain incurable deadly viruses in the middle of Nickelodeon HQ and “accidentally” drop a ransom note saying that the antidote will only be delivered to them when they put Invader ZIM back on TV…not that I’ve ever done anything like that.

I am deeply sorry it took this long for me to post this, but when Invader ZIM plays on the TV…there’s not much time to have a life, y’know? I’m typing this as fast as I possibly can, there’s a commercial at the moment. Now, GIR is back, and we get to see him basically whenever we want…so that’s it! I guess now the mission is just to express our love for GIR. Here’s a picture to celebrate:

Now that the cult members-I SAID FANS, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT of Invader ZIM are finally satisfied, I suppose my work here is – COMMERCIALS ARE OVER, SHOWS BACK ON, TTYL!!!!!


13 03 2010

Sorry I forgot to tell you guys, but I was busy WATCHING INVADER ZIM!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 <–That's how I feel. Three times :D. Anyway, on Nicktoons Network, I'm not entirely sure which days because I have the episodes set on auto-record all (lol) but I'm pretty positive it's always at 9:00pm eastern time. So, Nicktoons is in the 120's (I believe 124) for iO, and I believe 254 for FiOs customers. Sorry, but those are the only two stations I have any idea for. But, when worse comes to worst, go on and the user "MissEvee138" Posts many if not all, episodes.
And now, for your Daily Dose of Something Random…

It’s from a specific Invader Zim episode…search all over this post to find the title. 😉


29 01 2010

MY PAGE AND OBSESSION OF GIR HAS PAID OFF. Starting this March, (2010), Invader Zim will be playing once again on Nicktoons! (Nicktoons Network…Channel 124 for iO, Channel 254 for FiOs.) However, the show will be playing for only one month, so catch as many episodes as you possibly can! If enough people watch, there’s a chance Nicktoons will begin replaying old Invader Zim episodes regularly. So, March. Invader Zim. Nicktoons. You. TV. 24/7. Daily Dose of Randomness. Now.

If the image is not showing up on your screen, you probably have disgraced your country.

…Recap. Now. …Gir. March. 2010. You. TV. 24/7.

I forgot.

28 01 2010

Oh, yeah. And a late Happy New Year!! Go ’10! (…As I typed that I said “Oh ten”. “Ten” just doesn’t sound right.

Da year of da tiger.

State of the Union Adress

28 01 2010

Anyone see the President’s speech last night? Holy cow, he couldn’t go five words at a time without all the democrats bursting into applause. I was actually getting mad at the TV because I was trying to listen to the speech. Then you have VP Joe Biden smiling his signature smile and nodding the whole time, and Pelosi…strange expressions on her face. While the presentation was annoyingly unprofessional, I thought the speech itself was decent. Hope Prez O. can help us.

Now, your now Semi-Annual-Dose of Something Random!

If the image is not appearing, it probably doesn't like you.

Good Luck.

HAPPY EASTER! Or, late Passover.

12 04 2009

Your Daily Dose/Doses of Randomness for Easter/Late passover is:


The Easter Bunny didn’t get his shots…/Happy Passover!